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"My favorite artist would have to be God, because he created me and I am a masterpiece."
Snejana Onopka (via gothprada)

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Name: Nínive
Nickname: Níni, Hazel, Ronnie
Birthday: August 17th
Gender: Female Pizza 
Orientation: I’m into nice people 
Height: 158 cms / 5’1 (?)
Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time 
Current date & time: 1/ Sept 13:50
Average hours of sleep: 7
OTP: Me & bae
Last thing I Googled: Mexico’s time zones 😰 
Last thing I said to a family member: “Sirvanme más arroz orita vengo” “Give me more rice I’ll be right back”
Happy place, why: My bed + bae’s arms, warmest safest and comfiest place in earth ☺️
How many blankets: 1-3 
Favorite Beverage: strawberry milkshake / water/ lemonade
Last movie I saw in theaters: x-men days of future past (omg it’s been a while!)
3 things I can’t live without: sleeping, love, food
Something I plan on learning: more about packaging design
Advice for followers: Always see the brightside and think about others first.

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Anonymous: I know you are here

Uhm yeah 👀




Gender Reassignment Surgery at Gofundme
Hey everybody, my Gofundme page is live!! I would mean the absolute world to me if you all could help me boost this out.
A bunch of my very talented and generous friends have donated their time to offer sketch incentives. For a solid $100, you can get a sketch from any number of the current artists listed! Thats a whopping 20 (and the list is growing!!!) character sketches for only $100. All the proceeds are going towards my surgery fund!
If you’re a supporter of the T in LGBT+ please please consider donating or signal boosting. It really would mean the world to me and will forever change a young transgender person’s life.
Click through to my GoFundME
From the page:
ARTIST SKETCH INCENTIVES My dear friends have offered their assistance in offering incentives to donors, if your donation happens to be $100 or more, you can receive character sketches with proof of donation from any of the following artists:
Myself (webcomic)
Katy Farina
Purple Kecleon (Webcomic)
Sage Coffey
Maya Kern (webcomic)
Casey Corrupted
Gustavo Figueiredo
Arial V-H
Josiah Files
Lore Electi
Kirsten Sjursen-Lien
Nancy Olivo
Lauren Bennett
Kuri Square (webcomic)
Travis McDan
Bun Bun’s Paintbrush
You may choose any number of artists currently on the list for sketches. One, two, or all of the artists are available for the same $100 donation!Guest artists possess the right to refuse a request at their discretion, artists also may ask to opt out of the campaign at any time. Sketch requesters must show proof of donation of $100 (USD) or more, sketches are non-refundable or returnable. Digital sketch files only unless otherwise offered by individual artist.
If you’re an artist who would like to donate your time to possibly accepting some sketch requests, please send me a message! You can opt out at any time and refuse any inappropriate requests at your discretion.

Updated the guest artist list! For $100 you can now get TWENTY single character sketches!!

HEY GUYS!! I’m one of the guest artists doing sketch commissions to anyone who donates $100+! Just contact me with proof of your donation :) you can also get sketch commissions from lots of other cool artists!!!
Rian’s a great guy and this is really important so please consider donating!! ♥


Better get my shit packed for Hogwarts the train leaves tomorrow